About A More Perfect Texas

A blog for forward thinking, data driven, unconventional Texans.

What is A More Perfect Texas?

We are a group of politically engaged and forward-thinking Texans who view politics as a means to improve people’s lives and aim to turn ideas into action. We’re launching A More Perfect Texas in a time when Republicans have hijacked the conversation with messaging designed to stoke fear and outrage, the national media has largely ignored the concerns of the nation’s second most populous state, and Democrats have failed to provide a coherent vision that resonates with Texas voters.

The 2018 election gained Democrats 12 seats in the State House of Representatives and  the best chance of winning a U.S. Senate seat in 30 years. The hope of progress came with the narrative that Texas turning blue was demographic destiny. Some even thought that 2020 would be the year that the Dems flipped nine more seats to gain control of the state House. But dreams of a blue Texas were dashed in a difficult 2020 election that failed to net a single seat in the State House. As a result, the Republicans—armed with enhanced technology and analytics not available in 2010—have gerrymandered Texas even more effectively than they did a decade ago and make it increasingly difficult for anyone challenging the party line to win elections.

Texas Democrats seem lost. They do not appear to have a unified strategy to gain the political power they need to move their agenda forward. To their credit, unifying and energizing an incredibly diverse coalition of left-leaning, centrist, and a few center-right-swing voters is a challenging task. Democratic and left-leaning swing voters have a wide range of concerns from climate change to police brutality to reproductive choice to school funding to millions without health-care to controlling the worst pandemic in a century to immigration reform to access to the ballot to the humanitarian crisis at the border.

So how can we go from caring deeply about an issue to actually making an impact? What political strategy is necessary to gain the power that we need to improve people’s lives? Which policy choices would best serve Texans once we have the votes to effectively legislate?

These are the questions we will explore in A More Perfect Texas. We strive to provide a sober, data-driven analysis that avoids the groupthink that often plagues political circles of like-minded people. Our writers have views that range from far left to center-right. We have unconventional thoughts and opinions that are unencumbered by the fear of outrage that is threatening to dominate what is considered acceptable left-leaning thought. We believe that open and honest dialogue is necessary to move forward on hot-button issues.

This project will be a part of the blueprint for a path forward after a disappointing 2020 and decades in the political wilderness. Our deep-seated pride in the Lone Star State drives us to do our part to make the best state in the union a little more perfect. Join us in the conversation on how to form A More Perfect Texas by reading our platform, subscribing to our newsletter, and sharing our content. We can’t make an impact by sitting back and watching. It’s time to engage, and it’s time to move the conversation forward.